Referees Commission

Karate South Africa referees structure

Karate South Africa referees structure is run by the KSA Referees Commission which consists of four members namely Llewellyn Rhoda - Chairman, Russell Sim - Secretary General, Godfried Kotze - member, Eddie Du Plesis - member and Rodney Govender - member. The karate refereeing structure in South Africa is a three tier structure, starting at a regional level before moving onto a provincial level and lastly a national level. All aspiring referees will go through this process before attaining a National referees qualification.

Llewellyn Rhoda, a member of Karate South Africa is an A class judge, who is qualified to officiate on a world stage according to the WORLD KARATE FEDERATION certification standards. On a continental level we have two qualified Referees; Godfried Kotze and Llewellyn Rhoda. Most recently two referees qualified at the Zone 6 SADAC region level, Russell Sim during 2013 in Windhoek, Namibia and Bathandwa Memela during 2014 in Lusaka, Zambia.