KSA views COVID 19 very seriously moreover it vows never to place its membership at Risk" says President Sonny Pillay Hanshi " we will religiously follow the relevant Govt. Authorities Protocols IRO Combat COVID 19 in returning to training (in due course ) more importantly we strongly caution opening of dojos upon official notice announcement (gazetted ) by the Minister of Sports /SASCOC leadership without full compliance of the Combat Covid 19 regulations by the KSA dojo heads that will be monitored by KSA District/Regional Compliance officers KSA categorically states there will he ZERO tolerance for any dojo head / coach who is in breach of the KSA compliance IRO COVID 19 Protocols !

Covid-19 Handbook
Training Plan
Covid-19 Compliancy Test
Club Checklist

Covid19 Compliance Results

RESULTS FOR Instructors and Dojo Heads.

Note that Compliance Officers and 2 IC Instructors have not been included in the results sheet. They will be included once the verification process is complete in 2 weeks. It was found that there are some, not all, Instructors who are members of KSA registered clubs. However they own unregistered clubs and are abusing the system. This complicates matters to publish everyone as this is classed as an act of dishonesty. KSA has therefore chosen to differ the entries to prevent dishonesty. We hope that you understand. Thank you...KSA

Covid 19 result sheet
Covid Officer/2IC Senpai