Coaching Commission

Restructuring - Coaching Commission

South African athletes are not winning at the WKF World Championships and also struggling at UFAK African Championships level but at Zone 6 & Commonwealth we are excelling. The purpose of the restructuring is to ensure that KSA athletes wins medals at WKF, UFAK & all other international championships.

Way forward

  • The current coaching structure does not have talent identification, development, mentoring and no accountability.
  • Talent identification start at an early age, future Senior Protea's & Champions are identified on national level at the Children's championships, thereafter those athletes are properly developed and mentored. When they becomes Cadets & Juniors they should be more exposed to international competitions and be ready to excel at UFAK & WKF level by winning medals/ producing Champions.


  • Therefore the succession plan must be developed, each division/categories must have a caretaker coach that will be responsible for talent identification, development and mentoring.
  • The succession plan must ensure that the caretaker coach at all level must come up with short, medium and long term strategies, business plan and programs that will focus on sustainability, continuity and winning formula.
  • The Coordinator Coaching Commission and Caretaker Coaches must sign performance agreements with KSA EXCO in order to ensure performance, responsibility, accountability and service delivery.

Co-ordinator Coaching Commission

  • Coordinator Coaching Commission will report directly to the KSA Technical Convener.
  • Responsible for all coaching matters, implement Executive decisions, advice, mentor, guide , manage and provide leadership
  • The Coordinator Coaching will chair the Coaching Commission, which be divided into (1) Senior Team: Coaching Team, (2) Children & Cadets & Juniors Coaching Team with it own Head Coach/ Caretaker Coach. Each coaching team will compromise with qualified & experience Kumite Coachers and Kata Coachers
  • Kumite Coaching Department will be coordinated by an individual who had experience/ expertise/ knowledge in all aspects of Kumite.
  • Kata Coaching Department will be coordinated by an individual who had experience/ expertise/ technical knowledge in all aspects of Kata such as Goju, Shito & Shoto.
  • To ensure that coachers are having accredited coaching qualification / sign accreditation undertaking and code of conduct
  • All coaches must write examination of the rules of kata or kumite to accredited as either kata or kumite coaches
  • To ensure representative / transformation / equity is adhered at all time
  • Assist with talent identification/ development
  • Assist with the selection of National Teams
  • Make recommendation of selected athletes and coaching team to accompany the National Team.
  • To conduct monitoring and evaluation, submit report on achievement and challenges, each an every National/ International Championship within 14 days after the event.